Funny Images Of Boobs That Just Cannot Be Ignored

Why is s3x so complicated for humans? Well, s3x is not confined to genitals or just purely physical contact, it can be had in conversation, over the phone, while dancing, over a well-cooked meal, in one’s mind, as well as physically between two people. Hence, when we humans see another human’s b00bs, which simply cannot be ignored. It is also part of this complicated nature. Therefore, it’s an expected normal behavior.

But, it all depends in the manner you stare at the b**bs, which makes it obvious. Everyone looks at b**bs, no matter what age or body type the b**bs are attached to, they are just a very noticeable attribute which cannot be ignored, by any one, whether kids, young, old, gay or even women watching women b**bs. I believe it’s a wonderful gift from God to have them and watch them.

We bring you some funny images of moments of these b**bs, that just cannot be ignored. Have a Ball!

Looking at females b**bs is considered rude, but it’s hard to not notice and admire a really nice pair of breasts

Nothing abnormal about a quick look, even the girls have a quick look at other girls breasts

Keeping eye contact but then the eyes somehow travel down at those breasts

Toys and b**bs were originally made for kids, but dad ends up playing with them

Family outing at Hooters

Don’t try to bury your most primal desires. Have a look!

Those belong to my mom!

Breasts are the most amazing shapes in the entire universe

There’s no sexual lust from it, what you get is turmoil, frustration, and sometimes depression

I have the eyes of a hungry infant, everywhere I look in the world, I see breasts

Women check out a guys package, so whats the big deal in checking out a woman’s b**bs

Breasts have the power to draw the eyes of a man

Breasts are just hypnotizing, even on an overweight woman and cannot ignore it

It’s not the breasts, but the eyes that stare at them is more of a burden for a woman

There’s no problem as long as you look at those breasts with a decent vision

This is purely eye molestation

If you be a nice guy, smiling, charming, witty,  she won’t take offense glancing at her b**bs

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